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I just want to tell you how much pleasure you'll get from owning an original piece of art by Sandy Day!  I own several of her paintings, some done in oil and some in watercolor.  I guess they're all my favorites or I wouldn't have bought them in the first place, but my " 'favorites' of my favorites" are the ones that have water in them, such as cliffs by the water, ships at sea, etc.  Everyone who sees them agrees that the water actually seems to be moving!  There is hardly a time when I don't get a compliment on Sandy Day's artwork from a first-time visitor to my home.  And if you don't see quite what you want, just tell her your needs and she'll paint it for you!
Renee Goldman – Philadelphia

"There are many reasons why I enjoy and own Day's work, but none more significant than that they are delightful pieces of art."
Tim Oliver - Philadelphia

I have enjoyed my "River of Life" painting (that's my title!).  Being a musician I always appreciate the rhythm of a painting and Sandy has brought that feeling to the flow of the river, and to me, the mountains behind hold a mystery, misted over by the low-lying clouds.  It is beautiful, and I treasure it! 
Doris Coleman – Warminster, Pennsylvania


I own several of Sandy's works both etchings and oils.  Her subject matter is serene and lovely and blends well with the oriental pieces I have.  Her acrylics show a wonderful command of color and technique.  I gave several of her pieces as gifts and the recipients loved them.  I am always excited to see her new creations!


Carol Denenberg, Esq. – Wilmington, Delaware



I have known and admired Sandy Day’s works of art for many years. Sandy works in many mediums, which gives her the ability to present a multitude of feelings with great attention to details. I have two of Sandy’s large paintings in my living room. People seeing them for the first time can’t believe that the same artist has created these totally different works. Sandy’s also finds favor even with the younger generation. My oldest grandson requested one of Sandy’s watercolors for his thirteenth birthday. He proudly displays the painting in his bedroom and as you walk past the open door, it is easily seen. I am thrilled to have several other pieces of Sandy’s art in my home. These pieces have become part of our world.  A special part of our collection is a wonderful pastel of our family dog, Gingle Bells.  Sandy has made Jin's bubbly personality shine.  I almost expect the picture to bark at me!


Judi Keisler – Warminster, Pennsylvania


"I purchased a pen and ink drawing of the Hermitage Mansion former home of the Delaware Valley Opera Company.  I had it framed and it hangs over my desk in my office.  Sandy's work captured the essence of what that special place meant to me."
Kirk Walters – Quakertown, Pennsylvania



Sandy Day has a special talent for illuminating the intricate subtleties of her subjects. Her work is not only detailed but evokes emotion in the viewer be it tranquility or curiosity. She has beautifully recreated landscapes and pet portraits from photos provided to her. Sandy continues to draw inspiration from her surroundings and channels them into remarkable works of art to treasure.


Melissa Primavera – New York, New York



It’s hard to say which aspect of the “art of Sandy Day” is more impressive, but easy to say which one is the bigger surprise!  Known for her voice-teaching/coaching expertise, Sandy surprised and delighted us when we attended one of her earlier one- woman fine arts shows.  We now own four of her pen and ink drawings and our son (who studied voice with her for five years) has two.  They are treasured!
Tim and Sandi Weckesser – Philadelphia, Pennslvania



Some time ago I dropped in to see an exhibit of Sandy's art work.  From the start, I was impressed by the immense variety of colors and modes of expression.  After taking it all in, I was drawn to three pieces in particular, three landscapes done in water color.  I couldn't quite walk away from them so I ended up purchasing them and taking them home with me.  Truly beautiful and impressive pieces to say the least.  Her economy of brush work is almost Japanese-like in that one stroke says a lot.  One blotch of color does just the right thing.  I still get a sense of serenity each time I view these pieces.  One of them has all the quiet, mysterious beauty of a sunset, which is quite remarkable considering that it is done completely in black and white.  Sandy Day, a creative genious for sure!
Michael Dura



The details in our "Sunburst" and "Solitude" lithographs are extraordinary and unique, as is the perspective captured in the art.  These great conversation pieces are our favorites.


Donna and Nathan Sinclair – Tallahassee, Florida



Sandy Day’s oil painting, “The Left Bank” has been in my possession since 1989, and has traveled over the Atlantic twice. It adorns my living room wherever I might live. Busy Parisian life is captured in the painting’s colorful outdoor marketplace and is a beautiful reminder of my time in Europe.

Sandra Hartman – Highlands Falls, New York


I used to gaze at and admire a piece of Sandy's artwork in her mother's livingroom. Imagine my joy when I received my very own view of a deer crossing the road in the forest thanks to Sandy. You can just feel you are amidst the peace and beauty of the setting.


Sheila Sprague – St. Louis, Missouri